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Información de la industria

Road sweeper and sweeper configuration picture


The sweeper truck is a special vehicle for road sweeping. As one of the sanitation equipments, the road sweeper has the function of saving time and labor. It is a new type of high efficiency cleaning equipment integrating road cleaning, garbage recycling and transportation. Can be widely used in city streets, municipal squares and airport pavement, urban residential areas, parks and other road cleaning operations. Road sweepers can not only clean up the garbage, but also can dust and purify the air medium on the road to ensure that the road is clean and tidy, prevent dust from flying, maintain the good working conditions of the road, and reduce and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents. Further extend the life of the road .

Below by Hubei Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Xiao Ke for you to explain the road sweeper. Factory direct telephone.

Road sweeper vehicles , as the mainstream product of sanitation vehicles, is characterized by a four-sweep disk in the center and a rear suction nozzle.


Working principle: The secondary engine and fan are the two core components of the sweeper. The secondary engine provides the power for the fan to run, so that the road waste is sucked into the interior of the compartment for storage. The swash plate achieves the function of lifting and outward stretching by hydraulic pressure, and is driven by the hydraulic motor to form a high-speed rotation, sweeping the waste from outside to inside to the bottom of the vehicle, and then the garbage baffle prevents the leakage of the waste and sucks the garbage from the rear suction nozzle to the hopper. Stored inside, an annular water jet rack is installed above the squeegee, and water mist is generated by an electric diaphragm pump, and dust is sprayed during cleaning.

The height of the suction wheel of the sweeping vehicle is adjustable, which can ensure the reasonable gap between the suction nozzle and the road surface, so as to achieve a more effective suction effect. A water spray device is arranged above the suction nozzle to play the role of secondary dust reduction.


The cab of the sweeper truck is equipped with an electro-hydraulic control box, and the electro-hydraulic centralized control enables all operations of the sweeper truck operation to be completed in the driving. The electro-hydraulic control box can quickly operate the lifting and rotation of the left and right swash plates. It is also possible to operate the lifting and lowering of the suction nozzle, the opening and closing of the rear door of the waste container, and the tipping reset of the dustbin.


In addition to the road sweeper, the sweeper can also be equipped with forward punches, snow shovels, rear sprayers, greening guns, etc. to achieve a multi-purpose vehicle.


Road sweeper advantages: low price, high cost performance. Clean up fast. Inadequate: secondary dust.

Road sweepers are generally suitable for roads, factory areas, highways, city roads and other roads.

Sweep car chassis common Dongfeng, Futian, Isuzu, Jianghuai and other brands.

The choice of chassis depends on the working environment of the sweeper.

Below are some common models of road sweepers.

In the Futian era, the road sweeper had a wheelbase of 2,600, a water tank of 0.8m3, a dustbin of 2m3, and a cleaning width of 2.6 meters.


Dongfeng Dolika road sweeper, wheelbase is usually 3300 and 3800 , water tanks were 1.5m 3 and 2.5m 3 , garbage bins were 4m 3 and 4. 5m 3 . Sweep width is 3.2 meters.

Dongfeng Tianjin sweeping road car, wheelbase is usually 4700-5000 , water tank 4 m 3 , trash 8m 3 , cleaning width of 3.5 meters.


Here's to talk about the evolution of the sweeper - vacuum cleaner


The difference between a vacuum cleaner and a road sweeper is that the vacuum cleaner has no sweeper brush, and a wide suction cup of six straws is placed in the middle. The tail is equipped with a rear spray for moisturizing and dust reduction on the road surface. As the name suggests, vacuum cleaners rely on vacuuming operations. The dustbin is equipped with a filter cartridge to achieve the role of garbage filter, so that dust will not be discharged from the air outlet. The vacuum cleaner has no secondary dust. Vacuum cleaners are generally suitable for use in places with thick road dust such as cement plants, power plants, and coal yards.


The working principle of the vacuum cleaner: During the vehicle's walking, the sucker and the vehicle body are floatingly connected. The height of the suction nozzle wheel is adjustable, which can ensure the reasonable gap between the road surface and the suction cup, so as to achieve the effect of vacuuming. Left and right sub suction cups with automatic avoidance function, when the obstacles encountered on the road can automatically shrink, when there is no obstacle automatically return to its original position.

Above the dust bin of the vacuum cleaner, a dust removal device and a garbage filter system are installed. The filter system divides the eight filter cartridges into four groups and is fixed in front of the air outlet of the cabinet to allow dust to enter and exit. The bins are equipped with bins inside, and the bins can be classified and stored.

The vacuum cleaner cab is also equipped with a manual push button hydraulic system. The hydraulic system drives the main suction cup to move up and down, the left and right auxiliary suction cups drive, the pulse cleaning, the dustbin box back door opening and closing, the dumpster tipping reset and other functions. The dashboard of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a display screen. When the vehicle is in operation, it can monitor the front, rear, left and right sides of the vehicle and the main and auxiliary suction cups more intuitively, so as to achieve the effect of no dead angle and more convenient operation.

The rear of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a camera at the bottom and at the right to monitor the work situation in real time and transmit the job situation to the display screen in the cab.

Vacuum car advantages: low cost, convenient and quick. Inadequate: the rain can not work, the scope of cleaning is limited.

Vacuum cleaners are suitable for roads in mining areas, cement plants, steel plants, and coal yards.

The common chassis for vacuum cleaners are Dongfeng, Isuzu, Yuejin and other brands.

Here are some common models of vacuum cleaners.

Dongfeng Dolika and Isuzu, wheelbase 3800 , water tank 1.5m 3 , dustbin 5m 3 , cleaning width 2.8m .


Another Evolution of Road Sweepers - Washing Vehicles


The cleaning vehicle combines the functions of the high pressure cleaning vehicle and the sweeping vehicle. There is a high pressure washing nozzle device on the inner spray pipe of the suction nozzle. When the vehicle is operating, high pressure washing is performed through the high pressure washing nozzle. The high pressure washing nozzle is greatly reduced. Secondary pollution caused by dust from high pressure water jets.


Flush working principle: The water flow generated by the low-pressure water pump is sprayed to the right and left. The large area flushing can be performed like a sprinkler, and the flushing width can be up to 24 meters.




There is a water spray rod in the suction cup, and there is a high-pressure washing nozzle inside the suction nozzle. The left and right spray bars are installed on the scan plate, and the follower lifts and lowers the plate. Dust and pavement dust form a powerful cleaning effect.


The sweeper is equipped with a 17- meter high-pressure flush reel and a high-pressure water gun. It can quickly and easily clean up small advertising poles and road sidewalks.


Washers can also be equipped with snow shovels, lifting platforms, anti-aircraft guns, etc. to achieve a multi-purpose vehicle.


The advantages of the washing vehicle: no dust, cleaning and barrier-free operation, one vehicle and more use. Inadequate: Consumption of water, high cost.

The sweeper is suitable for highways and city roads.

Common chassis for washing vehicles include Dongfeng, JAC, Isuzu, Howo, and Liuzhou.

Dongfeng Duolika Washer and Isuzu Washer, the wheelbase is usually 3800 , the water tank is 4m 3 , the waste container is 4m 3 , and the cleaning width is 3m .


Dongfeng Tianjin washing vehicle, wheelbase 4700-5000 , water tank 7m 3 , dustbin 3.5m 3 , cleaning width 4.1m .


An upgraded version of the sweeper - dry sweeper


The dry sweeper is also called a wet or dry sweeper. The dry sweeper is a combined version of the sweeper and the vacuum cleaner. The operation does not cause dust, and sweeps without blind corners. The dry sweeper is wet and wet and sunny dry. Sweep brush on the vacuum cover and spiral slider adjustment combination unique structure. The dry sweeper does not have a water tank.

Dry sweeper's advantages: no dead work, dry and wet, save water. Inadequate: higher cost.

Dry sweepers are generally suitable for use in cold areas and areas where water is scarce, urban roads, highways around the city, highways, etc.

The common chassis for dry sweepers are Dongfeng Tianjin and Dongfeng Tianlong chassis.

After reading the explanations, select the proper cleaning vehicle for your own work road conditions. If you do not understand the place, you are welcome to consult.

All of the above products are part of the company's environmental sanitation sweeper vehicles. For more models, please contact: 137-9787-0808

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